Information for Exhibitors

28th – 30th June 2019

10am – 5pm

The Star Media Home & Living Show has a proven track record for consistently delivering the largest attended indoor home show in the South Island, providing exhibitors their target market audience of qualified buyers.

The Star Media Home & Living Show generates immediate sales, fill order books and provide quality leads for on-going sales results. The show provides the opportunity to talk to, demonstrate and sell your products and/or services to over 10,000 potential customers over a three day period.

In Canterbury, the demand for building-related products and services is high.

Why should your business be at the Star Media Home & Living Show?

A captive audience

The Star Media Home & Living Show continues to be the most-attended indoor home show in the South Island. Put your product or service in front of more potential customers, during a time of unprecedented demand.

Marketing strength

You will benefit from our extensive marketing and advertising. We can utilise our substantial marketing knowledge and networking resources to generate unparalleled awareness in Canterbury. The Star Media Home & Living Show promotion includes TV, radio, newspaper and magazines, social media & billboards. We also provide advertising, specifically for the Home and Leisure Show, to more than 92,000 Christchurch homes.

Perfect timing

The Home & Living Show is timed to coincide with a traditionally quiet period in sales. The show helps to increase awareness, generate leads and confirm sales with your target market. The Home & Living Show will help you to generate both immediate and future sales. Fill your order books now for spring and summer!

Living element

The addition of the ‘Leisure and Lifestyle’ Element to the Star Media Home and Living Show has been a huge drawcard and success. The rebuild is happening and we are joining with fellow Cantabrians to embrace a ‘enjoy the moment’ community spirit. The leisure element is attracting even more attendees, providing you with an even greater response!

It’s easy

Our all-inclusive pricing covers your Home & Living Show stand (s) including:

– Partitions
– Carpet
– Venue Hire
– 5 Amp Power Supply
– 2 Spot Lights

– Security
– Car Parking
– Administration
– Newspaper Advertising specific to your business
– Home Show Programme



2018 Survey Results

  • 95% of visitors to the 2018 Star Media Home & Leisure show had building, renovating or re-decorating projects planned within the next 12-18 months
  • 64% of visitors indicated they expected to spend over $10,000+ on their next project
  • 50% of visitors had a total household income of over $80,000
  • 85% of visitors were 30+ years old
  • 97% of visitors were ‘satisfied’ to ‘very satisfied’ with their experience at the 2018 Star Home & leisure show
  • 70% of Visitors made a purchase/order at the 2018 Star Home & Leisure Show

Visitors planning projects:

  • Building or Renovating 81%
  • Insulation/Heating 60%
  • New Bathroom 47%
  • New Kitchen 44%
  • Redecorating 43%
  • Driveway 36%
  • Roofing 31%
  • Decking 31%

View the full survey results

For any booking inquiries:

Event Manager: Jon Holmes
Phone: 03 379 7100
Mobile: 021 225 8225

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